Journalism Interns

Opportunity for students of journalism

For all inquiries in regards to student internship, contracted journalism, and sponsored articles please contact the Editor-in-Chief Matthew Dahlitz at

Journalism Student Internships


Dahlitz Media operates a number of platforms producing content in the areas of science, technology, mental health and history.

We occasionally offer students of  journalism an outlet for writing to a large audience while building a portfolio of published material, on an internship or casual basis as part of a tertiary course. Students have the opportunity to work in an online team environment under the direction of a managing editor and editor-in-chief. This is an opportunity for students only as part of their university or college education. We welcome freelance science journalists to pitch their story ideas to us.


STUDENTS: To enquire about participating in an Internship with Dahlitz Media please contact the appropriate career adviser at the University or College where you are  studying to confirm your eligibility to complete an Internship. We are offering a “student placement” that is part of  tertiary study – Please see the Fair Work Ombudsman’s definition of student placements here:

QUALIFICATIONS: Journalism, English, Communication or Media Major in a Bachelor’s Degree Program, or post-graduate program.

INSURANCE:  Students will need to be covered by their university or colleges personal accident and public liability insurance while they are on placement and the internship must be approved by their university department. All required paperwork must be submitted and signed off prior to the commencement of your internship.

For more information please contact Matthew Dahlitz, Editor-in-Chief, at