A Guide to Crisis Intervention (Paperback)

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A GUIDE TO CRISIS INTERVENTION, 5th Edition covers the fundamentals of situational and developmental crises, how they occur, and how you can manage them. Providing practical nuts-and-bolts information, Kanel discusses traditional counseling models as they relate to crisis intervention, and shows how they have been incorporated into her model, the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. You can use the ABC Model in any mental health setting with anyone in a crisis situation. Examples help you develop an understanding of the psychological and behavioral dynamics associated with the many types of crisis situations. Case studies and scripts help you learn exactly what to say to clients undergoing a crisis, whether the crisis is developmental; related to trauma, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, loss, illness, or disabilities; or arises from personal victimization. Tables guide you in conducting suicide assessments and mental status exams. Although the author focuses on what clinicians do rather than on a review of research and literature, she provides more than enough information to help you educate clients about the nature of their crisis.