BrainWise Leadership: Practical neuroscience to survive and thrive at work (Paperback)


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The challenge confronting today’s leaders and their teams is making effective decisions in a marketplace where the goal posts continuously keep changing.

Using lessons from the latest neuroscience, BrainWise Leadership offers powerful insights and practical techniques that leaders can use to avoid common thinking traps and improve performance.

The authors translate complex neuroscientific concepts into layman’s terms and provide real-life case studies to demonstrate how leaders can use the new techniques to best effect. The book is essential reading for both senior leaders and professionals involved in their development.

From the back cover

” The search for cost efficiencies and profits has created the most challenging business climate in a generation. Effective leadership in these difficult conditions requires an understanding of your team’s individual thinking styles and behaviours. BrainWise Leadership provides you with those insights as well as a pragmatic, scientific set of tools for effective decision-making.”
Jim Mantle, Managing Director Australia and NZ, URS Australia

” One of the epiphanies I had while reading BrainWise Leadership is that change is fundamentally about learning: people know how to learn, and BrainWise Leadership provides new insights on how to help others do this more effectively so they can successfully navigate change. I also really enjoyed the real-life case studies and the practical tips with a scientific basis.”
Lesley Staples, Group HR Director for Toll Holdings

” Many aspects of modern life require a more sophisticated perspective based squarely on sound brain and behavioural sciences. In this book, the authors apply some of these key understandings to everyday management situations and demonstrate that when people use new insights from the brain sciences effectively, they are more likely to achieve the outcomes they desire.”
Professor Ian Hickie, Executive Director, Brain and Mind Institute