Counselling Children: A Practical Introduction 4th Ed (paperback)


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Rich in practical exercises, this is the definitive guide to the skills and techniques used when working with children experiencing emotional problems. Now over fifteen years old, the Geldard’s bestselling book covers everything you need to know to work effectively with this age group. This fully revised and updated fourth edition includes: – The goals for counselling children and the counsellor-child relationship – Practice frameworks for working effectively with children – Play therapy and using different media and activities – Building self esteem and social skills using worksheets. The book also has: – A brand new chapter on ethical considerations – A new chapter covering current research, helping you understand and demonstrate the evidence base for your practice – Lots more case studies to help you explore the most appropriate techniques across different settings and at different stages of your practice. This highly practical guide is vital reading for anyone working or training to work with children, whether you be counsellor, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, nurse or teacher.