It’s the Thought That Counts: Why Mind over Matter Really Works (Paperback)

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‘A thought-provoking book with a very important message for our time.’Thom Hartmann, the author of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight and The Prophet’s Way

When pharmaceutical scientist David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., observed the results of test on new drugs, he noticed that patients receiving control placebo pills reported the same level of improvement as those receiving the actual drug. Seeing this result repeat itself time and time again, he became fascinated by the mind-body connection and started to research the work of scientists, mystics, and healers in the field.

The result is this groundbreaking book, in which Hamilton explains how the mind and emotions can influence the well-being of your body and even the structure of your DNA.

You’ll learn about- the physical impact of meditation, why sending healing thoughts to a person in need is so beneficial, the power of love and its impact on body cells, and all the many ways is which your thoughts affect you.