The Brain Bible: How to Stay Vital, Productive, and Happy for a Lifetime (Hardcover)

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THE REAL PATH TO BRAIN HEALTH–BASED ON CUTTING-EDGE BRAIN SCIENCELet’s face it: you want to keep your brain in great shape. But But how do you sift through the clutter of information and media coverage in order to find the facts?

The Brain Bible

One of today’s leading experts on brain health, Dr. John Arden tells it straight: There is no single remedy for maintaining sharpmindedness into old age. But there are a lot of things you can do that, over the course of time, will work wonders. It’s not about adding one activity or breaking one habit–it’s about making many small, simple changes in your everyday routine.

Dr. Arden culls the latest findings in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, gerontology, and many other sciences and puts them all together into a smart, actionable, science-based plan. Basing his conclusions on cutting-edge research, Dr. Arden has broken down the vast amount of confusing and sometimes conflicting brain data into the five crucial Brain Bible factors you need to be mindful of:

  • Education – Read and keep your brain active
  • Diet – What you eat and drink directly affects your brain health
  • Exercise – Starting a fitness routine is simpler than you think
  • Relationships – The love of friends and family has a strong healing power
  • Sleep – Get enough but not too much sleep

Here are just a few samples of Dr. Arden’s tips for improving your brain health:

  • Drink water even when you’re not thirsty
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Laugh a lot
  • Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed
  • Eat fish at least twice a week

If you want to keep your brain sharp–and who doesn’t?–The Brain Bible is packed with the simple lifestyle changes you will want to make. After exploring the five Brain Bible factors, Dr. Arden shares indispensable advice on how to lower your everyday stress level. Then he provides the 7-Day Brain Bible Jumpstart Plan you can use to start changing your lifestyle and improving your brain today.

The Brain Bible can help make your brain–and your life–better than ever.


“Successful aging just doesn’t happen–it takes knowledge, wisdom, and action. Read this book and let Dr. John Arden take you on a fascinating and very human journey through the science and steps to healthy aging.” — Louis Cozolino, PhD, Pepperdine University, author of The Neuroscience of Human Relationships and The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

“In The Brain Bible, Dr. John Arden provides an uplifting read…. This book is as scientifically rigorous as it is lively and accessible, and it is peppered with fascinating stories about real people and the things they do or do not do that affect their health and longevity. Building on the latest biomedical and psychosocial research, Arden beautifully describes the lifestyle factors we can control that have enormous effects on the length and quality of our lives. This is a must-read.” — Ian H. Robertson, PhD, Trinity College, author of The Winner Effect

“This book translates the latest developments from the abstruse world of the neurological sciences into accessible, real-world guidance for those who are sharp enough to choose to remain sharp. Essential reading.” — John Soderlund, counseling psychologist and publishing editor, New Therapist

“If you want to redefine the aging process so you can be what you want to be instead of what you have observed, read this book to have ample guidance for healthy longevity.” — Charlotte A. Tomaino, PhD, author of Awakening the Brain