The Developing Mind (3rd Ed): How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are (Hardcover)

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This highly influential work–now in a revised and expanded third edition incorporating major advances in the field–gives clinicians, educators, and students a new understanding of what the mind is, how it grows, and how to promote healthy development and resilience. Daniel J. Siegel synthesizes cutting-edge research from multiple disciplines, revealing the ways in which neural processes are fundamentally shaped by interpersonal relationships throughout life. And even when early experiences are not optimal, building deeper connections to other people and to one’s own internal experience remains a powerful resource for growth. Professors praise the book’s utility in courses from developmental psychology and child development to neuroscience and counseling. New to This Edition *Incorporates findings from a huge body of recent research; over 1,000 citations added. *Revisits and refines the core hypotheses of interpersonal neurobiology. *Chapter on the experience of belonging and the development of identity. *New or expanded discussions of behavioral epigenetics, the default mode network of the brain, social neuroscience, cultural and gender issues, theory of mind, the Wheel of Awareness contemplative practice, the science of consciousness, and more.