The Happiness Trap: Stop Struggling, Start Living (Paperback)


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In this controversial but empowering self-help book, Dr Russ Harris reveals how millions of people are misled by popular ideas about happiness, unwittingly contributing to our current epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression.

There is a growing number of people who feel something is missing from their lives; that despite financial or family success they are not truly happy, and there must be ‘more to life’. Unfortunately, popular psychological approaches are making it even worse!

This bestselling book explains how people become caught in ‘The Happiness Trap’, striving to conform to popular ideas about happiness and instead feeling worn-out and anxious. It provides an effective means to escape, through a revolutionary new approach which is shaking the very foundations of western psychology.

Within these pages you will learn scientifically proven techniques to:

  • reduce stress and worry
  • rise above fear, doubt and insecurity
  • effectively handle painful thoughts and feelings
  • break self-defeating habits
  • improve performance and find fulfilment in your work
  • build more satisfying relationships

This book is for everyone, from CEOs to sales staff; astronauts to housewives. Whether you’re lacking confidence, facing illness, coping with loss, working in a high-stress job, or suffering from anxiety or depression, this book will unlock the secrets to living a fulfilled, meaningful life.