The Switch – The Science of Change: The complete guide for driving effective change (Paperback)

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Every mental and physical health professional is faced daily with having to correctly identify complex processes and to decide what is the most effective intervention possible.In order to completely understand all the different processes involved in human behaviour and health, ranging from reactions to stress to personal motivation, from emotions to psychosomatics, it is necessary to consider various aspects at different levels. These may be adaptation processes, innate responses, epigenetics, acquired schemas, nutrition, metabolic elements, neural plasticity and many others.Our book “The Switch – The Science of Change” is specifically developed to provide practical tools to help in this endeavour. The word “switch” in the title recalls metaphorical switches that are not, however, magical buttons but correspond with the various elements on which it is important to intervene strategically, setting the ideal conditions for change in complex phenomena such as mental attitudes, ways of reacting to stress, interpersonal relationship styles and behaviour.This book gathers all the most relevant and well-documented recent discoveries and presents them as part of an integrated system that starts at microscopic level and encompasses more complex behavioural and decision-making flows. The book is packed with suggestions, practical application tips and tools to intervene in a targeted way on all the elements at play.