Work Less, Make More: The counter-intuitive approach to building a profitable business, and a life you actually love (Paperback)

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Work Less, Make More is a dense delivery of solid systems and sane advice. It’s not 80/20, it’s 80/20 squared. Every few pages, James punches you in the face with an instantly actionable hack.
~ Perry Marshall, Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, and Evolution 2.0

James gives massive value in a fun and easy-to-read book. Real, actionable ways to cut your hours while increasing your income. Want to know how to do it in your own business? Get this and find out!
~ Jonathan Mizel

In Work Less, Make More, James proves that keeping your business strategy simple produces far greater success (and happiness) than if you focus only on ‘hustling’.
~ John Reese

James possesses a ‘no-holds barred’ approach to business which frees him to think outside ingrained assumptions regarding one’s current realities and future opportunities. His candid advice in Work Less, Make More provides bold and practical wisdom for any person, of any vocation, who wants to lift the lid on their creative potential and move into unexplored territories of freedom and opportunity.
~ Ian Freestone

I found Work Less, Make More–part memoir, part how-to guide–to be truly extraordinary! James brings his unique analytical insights about how to think regarding complex issues in business. He describes the systems that he has designed to shape both meaningful work and relationships, as well as, a life worth living. So many authors attempt to “motivate” you, without giving any real instruction. I find that James provides both. Every page is full of so many principles, wisdom and insights–and I love how James incorporates his history and his life in such a thoughtful way. His book has already changed how I think about making decisions in my life and in my business.
~ Tim Papadopoulos

In 2006, whilst working in a full-time job, James Schramko wrote this in a notebook:

MY GOALS … create automated income so that I am independently wealthy and enjoy my life passionately.

Within three years, he’d built his own business and achieved those goals. At which point he set about helping his coaching clients do the same. Leveraging his knowledge and experience, they were able to make more money while reducing their work hours. Significantly.

This freed them up to spend more time living.

It’s easy to think working less and making more is something available only to a blessed few. But James has proven over and over again that this is not the case. All you require is:

• An open mind,
• The ability to focus on what’s important,
• An understanding of business models, and
• A willingness to challenge your assumptions.

Work Less, Make More will break down all the barriers standing between you and the above.It will teach you how to effectively leverage yourself, your team and your business via:

• Increasing your personal effectiveness
• Planning and goalsetting
• Learning focus
• Building a team
• Creating an offer that converts
• Leveraging the Profit Formula to boost cash flow
• Understanding the importance of Customer Lifetime Value
• Choosing the right business model
• Removing compromise from your life

This book is for you if you are:

• A business owner (big or small)
• Currently in a job with a hard ceiling on how much you can earn
• Overworked and underpaid
• Stressed out and missing out on precious time with family and friends.